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Issue 157 - M/Y 'Ponzi' - Staying afloat

MHR discusses the issue of cashflow at some superyacht shipyards…


In issue 156 of The Superyacht Report Justin Ratcliffe delved into the build of 46.2m Como, built for Neville Crichton by Ed Dubois. Como marks the eigth yacht that Dubois has built for Crichton, but unlike it's predecessors, Crichton chose to go with Feadship instead of Alloy yachts in New Zealand. At the top of Crichton's wish list were practical and operational criteria which were integrated in…

Issue 157 - Living by outdated maxims

Will Mathieson asks if there is room in the industry for those riding on the coat-tails of others.…

Issue 157 - Why Own?

Charter and travel editor Angela Audretsch investigates the appeal of yacht ownership compared with that of chartering.…

The complete Dutch order book

In issue 156, Rebecca Curran and William Mathieson reported on this year's HISWA yacht valley press tour in which they visited a number of Dutch shipyards. Here we include the rest of the Dutch Order Book…

Issue 156 - The New Marshall Plan

Business editor Don Hoyt Gorman discusses how the recent upturn in both build and sales is a clear indication that the recovery is well under way.…

Issue 156 - Movement since Manila

Lulu Trask takes a deeper look into how the Manila Amendments will affect the training of crew.…

Issue 156 - Aussie Rules

Reporting from ASMEX, Asia Pacific editor Ellie Brade admires the indomitable spirit of the Australian superyacht sector.…



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