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In order to assist owners and their advisors in this process, we have compiled a list of the legal advice available in our industry which has been published in issue 155 of The Superyacht Report.…


Just days after ISA Yachts in Ancona celebrated its 12th anniversary and the launch of its new company logo, the hull of 54m Forever One was transferred by road from the neighbouring facility subcontracted to complete the steelwork to the ISA shipyard for finishing. Slated for delivery in June 2014, the 54m motoryacht is powered by twin CAT 3512C main engines for a top speed of 16.6 knots with tra…

Issue 155 - Like bamboo

Following three days soaking up the glamour and excitement in St Barths for the Bucket, Angela Audretsch made a trip across the water to St Kitts to see how St Barthélemy’s quieter but larger neighbour is evolving to take its place in the luxury market.…

Private jet maintenance comparison

As the industry is often compared to the jet and aviation industry, chief pilot at CTC Private Jet provided us with some aircraft cost evaluation to compare with the yacht industry in issue 155…

Issue 155 - Happily ever after

Mentioned behind closed doors and in hushed tones, many in the industry question the kind of after-sales and customer service image we project. Rebecca Curran examines the hot topic…

Issue 155 - Burst that bubble

Asia Pacific editor, Ellie Brade, invites us to step out of the superyacht cocoon in order to find a fresh perspective on the industry…

Issue 155 - Maintaining the value of your asset

MHR proposes a logical solution to the issue of the stagnant resale market.…

Issue 154 - Credit where credit's due

TSG’s design editor, on the value of recognising the contribution made by the whole team in the nuturing of new talent.…



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